The HeistEdit

When somebody broke into Green-X Studios and stole $100,000 dollars from Chris's kickstarter site, Chris decides to get back at him. Chris goes to his 'Friend' to get some extra gadgets, such as: A Hover Bird with controls, Sticky Microphone, and a futuristic knife that can cut through glass silently. Chris finds the fortress and climbs up the side of the brick wall with his claw gloves and boots and looks inside the window. There is the man that stole his money, checking his account balance. While Angel is controlling the Hover Bird from home, looking for guards with different modes on the Bird such as, X-ray, Thermal, Heat Vision, Night Vision, and Heartbeat Sensor, Chris cuts through the glass and shoots the man with a dart from his finger glove. The man falls asleep and Chris has 2 minutes before he wakes up again. Chris quickly plugs his home-made device in that will put the money back into his own account and do a little extra, and throws a sticky magnet on the wall. As soon as it's done downloading Chris hears some security running up the hallway. he quickly grabs his device and crashes through the window as silenced gunfire fires over his head. Chris runs 200FT away from the fortress where he thinks he's safe. And then the grenade explodes right next to Chris. Chris was uncounscience for about 15 minutes before he got back up. Angel, almost as joyful as you can be, follows Chris home with the bird until he gets back to the apartment, where they hug on the doorstep. Chris had got some wounds from the heist, such as blood holes and an out-of-socket arm. He is alright now.